Diaper Dilemma

In August we had our first child, a beautiful baby girl. Like all parents we only want the best for our baby - and have decided to give cloth diapering a go, after carefully reviewing the pros and cons of cloth versus disposable.

Disposable Pros
  • convenient
  • cost spread over diaper wearing time
  • maintenance free
Disposable Cons
  • not environmentally friendly (though uses less water and detergent)
  • chemicals next to babies bottom
  • costs more in the long run (according to the research)
Cloth Pros
  • costs less over time
  • environmentally friendly (though increases water consumption and use of detergent)
  • less chemical exposure for baby
Cloth Cons
  • large up-front investment
  • larger time commitment
  • maintenance
We have been using disposables since birth and have had a couple of bad episodes of diaper rash, a few blowouts and a lot of garbage. Will cloth prove to be the answer? Will we make the switch permanently?

Here goes nothing - we have purchased a variety of cloth diapers for the test drive.
  • Kushies Prefolds with Bummis Covers
  • Mother Ease Sandy's Fitted Diaper with Mother Ease Air Flow Diaper Cover
  • Fuzzi Bunz Pocket Diaper
  • Bum Genius 3.0
  • G Diapers
Each diaper will be rated on ability to withstand soakers, stinkers, naptime and overnight use - as well as, appearance, fit, cost, ease of use, durability and baby's comfort (though sort of subjective as she is only 2 1/2 months).

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Do the diapers hold the doo doo?

So we now have a very active four month old, what diapers are holding up to the test of time.
Well, I do like the Sandy's - but they are only good for daytime use. They are not absorbent enough for overnight.  
Our favorites - the two we have purchased in mass quantities.  
BG 3.0 - they are great, my only concern is that we have a big girl, we are already on the second snap and she is four months old - are they really going to last until she is toilet trained?  We had to do away with the newborn inserts - just not enough for our super soaker - but the larger inserts they come with are doing the job - and you can throw the newborn one in for overnight use.
Fuzzi Bunz are the other front runner - I love that they snap - this doesn't catch on clothing the way velcro does.  The con is that they are sized.  But we have purchased a bunch of mediums which are just starting to fit - as she is only approaching 16 pounds - they are great double stuffed for overnight.  And the smalls still fit and show no signs of being too small.
I think I might want to try one or two more types though - just to see.  But, I think that those two will remain my favorites.

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